The heating assistance bill has passed in the Maine Legislature to give many Mainers $450 relief checks to help with winter expenses.

The Maine Legislature Approves Heating Assistance Bill

The bill was approved in the Maine Senate late Wednesday afternoon after the Maine House of Representatives voted to approve the bill earlier in the day on Wednesday. The legislation had previously been voted down in the Senate in December to allow for a public hearing. The bill now goes to Governor Mills' desk to sign into law.

Who is Eligible to Get the $450 Relief Checks?

The $450 checks will be mailed to single filing Maine families with an income of less than $100,000 per year. Families that file joint incomes will get $900 if they make less than $200,000 annually. Approximately 800,000 Maine residents are eligible to get the relief money. The funds are part of a $474 Million assistance package for the state.

When Will the Checks Be Mailed?

The checks should start being mailed out before the end of the month of January.

Millions of Dollars Going to Low Income Assistance

Included in the bill is millions of dollars for low income assistance (low Income Home Energy Assistance Program or LIHEAP).

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Governor Mills’ Inauguration on Wednesday Night in Augusta

The bill was passed with legislative votes in both chambers on Wednesday ahead of Governor Mills’ inauguration for her second term on Wednesday night at the Augusta Civic Center.

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