It is really cool how, over the last few years, we have seen Waterfront Concert's Maine Savings Amphitheater go from being a good concert venue to a truly world class concert venue.  In just the last few years, we have seen the place host artists like Luke Combs, Jason Aldean, Aerosmith, Nickelback, guitar legend Santana, and Kane Brown. The venue really does rival some of the performance spaces you'd find near Los Angeles, New York City, and other major cities.

Over the last few years, we have seen them add the rock boxes, the Truly Terrace, Miller Light Landing, the Dunkin' Deck, and suites.

Now they are adding even more premium seating.  According to the Maine Savings Amphitheater / Waterfront Concerts website, they will be adding Rooftop Seating for the 2024 concert season.

We don't have a complete look at what the new seating will be like, but we do know the website describes the seating as:

Enjoy this "elevated" experience with sweeping views of the venue. In-seat service, private bathrooms, designated entrance,  elevated, open-air.


They are lining up a waitlist now and the seating will go on sale on October 1st.

If you really love going to shows at the Maine Savings Amphitheater, these season seats are the way to do it.  Yes, a minimum of $4,000 per seat does seem kind of steep, but if you plan to attend most (or all) the concerts in a given season, it really is not that bad of a deal.


You can see what these suites and seats are like thanks to a Matterport tour on their website and this drone video gives us a good look at what the venue looks like these days.

Have you seen a show here?  What was your impression?  Let us know by sending us a message or leaving us a message inside our app.

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