Police seized 1,277 marijuana plants and 25 pounds of processed marijuana at an illegal grow facility in Harmony.

Marijuana Seized at Illegal Grow Facility in Maine

The Somerset County Sheriff’s Office said drug paraphernalia and documents were also seized Friday morning at a residence on South Road.

Owner Facing Charges

The owner is facing criminal charges following a review of the months-long investigation. No one was at the grow facility when authorities conducted the search.

Somerset County Sheriff's Office
Somerset County Sheriff's Office

18,000 Plants Seized this Year

Since January, law enforcement in Somerset County has executed 15 search warrants and seized 18,000 marijuana plants along with 400 pounds of processed marijuana.

Eight People Arrested in 2024

Eight people have been arrested and charged in Ripley, Harmony, Skowhegan, Madison, Norridgewock, Mercer, and Solon, said the Somerset County Sheriff’s Office.

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