A 63-year-old Maine man was in custody after he tried to hit an officer with a vehicle and was shot by police.

Maine Man Shot after Trying to Hit Police with Vehicle

Paul Gosselin from Augusta was taken to the hospital following the incident Tuesday in Barryville, New York.

Suspicious Person in Vehicle

The incident started when New York State Police received information about a suspicious person in a vehicle outside of a business.

Man told Police he had a Gun and Fled

Police said Gosselin told Troopers he had a gun and would shoot them. He fled on foot into a business, exited the building and got back in his vehicle.

Suspect Accelerated Vehicle at Police and was Shot

Gosselin accelerated the vehicle towards one of the officers who was on foot. A Trooper shot at the vehicle and hit Gosselin, said WABI News.

Transported to the Hospital

He was listed in stable condition at New York Hospital.

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