It's seeing stuff like this that makes us proud to be Mainers.

Here's your dilemma. Winter is coming. You've got yourself a snowmobile you need to get from point A to point B but you don't have a trailer to haul it. If you were a snowmobiler from Massachusetts, you are out of luck for the season. But if you're from Maine, you make it work.

So you open up the back of your minivan, promise your best friend a six pack of Bud Light, and you jam that bad boy in there. Grab your bungee cords and strap that sled down, hop inside, crank the heat because your're wide open in the back and it's a cold November, and head off to Walmart to grab that six pack of Bud. Done and done.

Shawn Ashley via Facebook
Shawn Ashley via Facebook

Shawn Ashley of Lisbon saw this when he stopped at the Auburn Walmart and shared it on Facebook saying, "Only in Maine can you see this kinda stuff in a Walmart parking lot!" So true Shawn.

Now it could have ended there, but oh no. Dominic Naples of Limington proves that he's "been there and done that." In an even smaller car no less!

Ever hauled a sled without using a trailer? Let's see the photos!

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