As a dog owner of two adorable beggars, I completely understand how almost impossible it is to NOT share our food with our pets, especially when they give you those eyes. On the rare occasion where I end up ordering Taco Bell, our Australian Sheppard mix ends up getting most of the order because I can't resist how cute he is. He was also a street dog found in a trash can. His 16-year-old digestive system can handle anything.

Maine Dog in lawn
David Bugenske/TSM Maine

Our Retriever, on the other hand, has a very sensitive stomach, which is why we have to be extra careful with what he might get into, especially around holidays that usually involve lots of snacks and food - like upcoming Fourth of July.

David Bugenske/TSM Maine

Here Are BBQ Foods That Are NOT Safe to Share with Your Maine Dog

This list is seriously going to ruin your dog's day, BUT this will also prevent the wrong kind of ... fireworks.


Who would know better than the American Kennel Club? Canine safety is their vocation.

1.) Avoid meats with bones. This one seems obvious, but do your children visitors know not to give Daisy one of their chicken wings?

2.) Beware of toppings and condiments! Garlic and onions can be toxic for dogs. (What are they, vampires?)

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3.) SALT! Too much salt for doggies can become poisonous and lead to death.

4.) Alcohol - as if you wanted to share that red, white, & blue margarita anyway.

Bucket of ice cold beer with USA flag in background

5.) Licking and eating fatty meats can lead to pancreatitis. 

6.) Chocolate and ice cream. Both can make your dog very ill.

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7.) This was the most shocking to me, but hot dogs?! They are named dogs but aren't safe for dogs?! Too many hot dogs these days have seasoning (i.e. the aforementioned garlic and onions), and they most often contain cancer causing ingredients. Avoid feeding to dogs but humans, have three of them - heck have four for the Fourth!

Ultimately, you know your dog and what he or she can handle. Please don't take this article as expert advice but merely a reminder to just be careful. Here is another link to help keep your dog safe at the BBQ this 4th!

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