When it launched in January, the whole reason I subscribed to Discovery+ was because I figured that my favorite TV show would be part of the lineup. I was totally pumped to find it there.

However, the only seasons available were 1 through 5. Look. Like any hardcore Maine Cabin Masters fan, I am content to watch previous episodes more than once. And believe me, in our house that happens fairly regularly to say the least.

I tell ya what though. Seeing the previews and deleted scenes from Season 6 episodes in my Facebook feed has been tortuous knowing that I can't see the full new shows in the evening when I get home.

You see, we have YouTube TV. DIY is the home network of the Maine Cabin Masters and DIY is part of YouTube TV. That's why I got the Discovery+ app, remember? Well here comes the news I and many other loyal fans of MCM having been hoping to hear.

According to a post today on the official Maine Cabin Masters Facebook page, the NEW EPISODES are now streaming on Discovery+.

Woo hoo! I know what I'm doing tonight! I just double checked by tapping the Discovery+ app on my phone and am very happy to report that Season 6 is indeed there waiting for me to warm up the TV and get caught up.

Oh by the way, the exceptional folks at Maine Cabin Masters want you to know that they are hosting a special event this Sunday May 2, 2021 from 1pm to 4pm. It's for a great cause with the Maine Greyhound Placement Service at The Woodshed next to Kennebec Cabin Company in Manchester.

Get more info about how you can help below.

If you are wondering if will be any stars hanging around that afternoon, Jedi sent me a text today saying, "I know I will be there and pretty sure Ashley and Ryan will be as well." He also went on to say, "Might just get a Dixie sighting, LOL."

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