Near as we can tell, Season 6 started at the beginning of February with Episode 2. That's because we got a nice little tease for the new season back in November with an early release of the premiere, right after Thanksgiving.

There were four new chapters of our favorite TV show that aired last month. For reasons unknown to us, there was a bit of a break through the month of March. The absence of current episodes over the past few Monday nights has made fans rabid for new lakeside renovation stories from Maine.

Unfortunately, the DIY channel isn't on the YouTube TV lineup and that's what we use at our house. Hopefully, Season 6 will start showing up on our Discovery+ app soon. After all, with Maine Cabin Masters being one of our favorite thing to watch as a family in the living room, that was the big reason we subscribed in the first place. It's hard to find something we all agree on and we all love MCM.

The reruns magically never get old and are always entertaining. But, if you're as big a fan as we are, you must be wicked hungry for new shows too.

Well we are very happy to see the announcement that more new episodes of Maine Cabin Masters will return starting this Monday night at 9 on the DIY Network.

From The Official Maine Cabin Masters Facebook Page:

If you are new to Maine Cabin Masters, here's a quick background. The show stars Chase Morrill, his sister, Ashley Eldridge, and her husband Ryan Eldridge along with Jedi and Dixie. They are all dyed-in-the-wool, down-to-earth, dog-loving Mainers just like us. All of them have beards, except for Ashley.

The Maine Cabin Masters expertly restore Maine cabins into amazing new leisurely living spaces. They always have a blast doing it.

It is so great to see the Maine work ethic and play ethic continue to be represented so authentically on national television. Thank you, Cabin Masters! Now, let's go find some rot and rebuild.

Episodes air Monday nights at on DIY.

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