King and Queen French Fries

Pam Weber is the owner of King Paul and Queen Thelma French Fries at the Northern Maine Fair (and many fairs across the state). It’s been a family owned operation since the beginning. There’s also a family connection with the Pizza House and Aucoin’s Restaurant on Maine Street in Presque Isle.

Starting a Family Business

The legendary food trailer was started by Paul Aucoin in 1952. Weber said her father’s first time serving fries was at the Union Fair.” He would do between five or six fairs in a season and stayed in Maine through all of the decades. “My dad started before he met my mother, Thelma. She helped him at the Fryeburg Fair and they got married after that,” said Weber.

The Pizza House & Aucoin’s Restaurant In Presque Isle

The family has a long tradition of food service. Don Aucoin, Paul’s brother, started the Pizza House on Maine Street in Presque Isle. Weber said “he changed the name after a while to Aucoin’s Restaurant when he broadened the menu and the bar.” The restaurant was run by Don during the day and Paul managed it at night. “Everyone knew them and it was truly a family business. My brother Gil Weber, who runs one of the games at the Northern Maine Fair, was one of the pizza cooks at the Pizza House. I also bussed tables when I was young,” said Weber. After the restaurant closed (Pam was not sure of the date), Mai Tai took over the location on Maine Street in Presque Isle.

Continuing the Family French Fry Business

Pam Weber took over King and Queen French Fries in 1992/1993. Weber said her dad who started the business needed back surgery and retired. “I took it over because I wanted to continue the long tradition of good french fries.” They do five fairs including the Northern Maine Fair, Acton, Blue Hill, Farmington and Fryburg.”

The Staff is Family

It’s all family who work at the booth. Weber’s husband, son and her son’s cousin are making it all happen. The same crew does all five of the fairs together. Weber said she likes to keep the focus on a family owned and operated business.

Why Are the Fries So Good?

“People love our fries because not only are they good, but the main secret is caring about every order that goes out. If you care, then you’re going to make them really good. Weber said they go through about five tons of Maine potatoes in a season. 

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