Well Deserved Retirement

We all love the K9s and the incredible work the teams do. Congratulations to K9 Sig on his retirement from the Maine Warden Service after an amazing eight years of service. Wait until you hear some of the things he’s done.

Search and Rescue

Warden Alan Curtis and 11-year-old Sig have worked together since 2013 as a search and rescue K9 Team in the Down East, Maine. 

Sig is credited for 24 human search and rescue finds. He also has helped on multiple investigations for the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife that resulted in criminal prosecutions. 

Sig and Warden Curtis have specialized in human remains detection. They are 2015 graduates of the NESPAC human remains detection school. Together with Maine law enforcement, they have worked on many missing persons cases and homicide investigations.


Some of the other things Sig has done includes locating a 3-year-old in Roque Bluffs in 2020. He earned an International Police Working Dog merit award for that search and rescue. In 2020, Sig was also awarded the Maine Warden Service K9 Search and Rescue case of the year. 

Sig and the Curtis Family

One of the great things about Sig’s retirement is he’ll spend it living with Warden Curtis and his family. We wish Sig and the Curtis family the absolute best. Thank you for the great work you do in keeping us all safe.

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