Nor’easter in August

They’re calling it a Nor’easter with rain and stormy weather coming into northern Maine Wednesday and Thursday.

Is it Normal to have a Nor’easter in the summer? No, we usually see these kinds of conditions in the Fall and Winter. 

What Exactly is a Nor’easter?

According to the United States National Weather Service in Caribou, “A Nor’easter is a storm along the East Coast of North America, so called because the winds over the coastal area are typically from the northeast.” September through April are the most likely time to see one.

Any way you look at it or whatever you call it, we’re going to get some serious rain. Not just northern Maine but across the region.

Forecast Calls for Rain

It’s also going to be much cooler the next couple of days as temperatures drop to the low 70’s and even as low as the upper 60’s.

Here’s what we will see:

  • WEDNESDAY MORNING - Clouds in the morning through mid-day will lead to scattered showers around 1 p.m. The high for the day is 71.
  • WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON - Rain develops after 3 p.m. and continues through the afternoon and into the evening and night.
  • WEDNESDAY NIGHT - Rain continues with wind gusts up to 23 mph at times. Temps drop to 50 degrees.
  • THURSDAY MORNING & AFTERNOON - Thunderstorms possible in the morning. A high of 69.
  • THURSDAY NIGHT - More thunderstorms possible. A low of 57.
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Weather Updates

We’ll keep an eye on the weekend which looks OK right now. Listen to updated weather every hour on our app. Also stay posted on the current conditions on our homepage.

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