Happy Labor Day! The three day weekend is awesome. Maybe you planned ahead and took Friday off too – the four day weekend – even better.

Share a GIF, photo or video with us about your time away from work. Maybe you have to mow the lawn - or get caught up with things around the house. The staycation is very popular these days – call it an Aroostookation if you're in the County. A trip to the Maine coast is always on the list. A lot of people are heading down to Bangor. Whatever you do this Labor Day weekend, take it nice & easy and share it with us.

Here’s some food for thought about GIFs. How is it pronounced? Is it GIF – like JIF? Or is it GIF – like gift? The creator of the GIF says it’s a JIF – is he right? Here’s the rule on the hard G.

We have some good GIFs below about taking a day off, relaxing and getting away from it all.

Pull a Bueller!

Go to Wally World!

Visit Portland, Maine:

Happy Labor Day! You earned it!

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