Congratulations goes out to retiring Houlton Police Officer Gary McGuire on 10 great years of service to the community.

The announcement of his retirement was posted on Facebook on Monday, September 27, 2021.

Officer McGuire started his police career in 2011 at the age of 50 with a strong desire to serve the local community. He was a business owner prior to joining the force. Part of his motivation was seeing his older brother work as a police officer in Arizona.

Officer McGuire worked on patrol for five years of his time at the Houlton Police Department. He then took on a position with the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency. Officer McGuire dedicated himself to investigating drug crimes in Aroostook County. It’s a really important job the MDEA does in the state, and it takes a great officer to fill that role.

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We wish the best for Officer McGuire in his retirement. The comments on the Facebook page say it all. If you did not meet him or work with him, some of the messages will show you how much he will be missed. As of just this past weekend, he was busy working with people in and around Houlton. Take time to leave a comment and wish him the very best in his retirement. 

We have a great police force in Houlton and can say Officer McGuire has influenced so many others with his kindness and professionalism.

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