People have always used certain colors to mean certain things.  Teal pumpkins indicate that the house offers a trick-or-treat item that is safe for kids with allergies.  Blue pumpkins indicate a house in friendly to those with autism.

But, what about a green porch light?  What does that indicate?

According to MSN, it is all about saluting our veterans.

The "Greenlight A Vet" program dates back to 2013 and it was started by Walmart.  The mega-corporation's hope was to raise awareness about hiring hiring honorably discharged American veterans.

Not only did they want businesses to step up to hire veterans, they wanted people across the country to show appreciation for our service men and women.  It was decided an easy way for millions of people to do this was to change the color of the light on their porch (or deck or front steps).

Green was chosen not just because most of our armed services (at least occasionally) use some sort of green uniform.  It was chosen because green is the color of renewal and hope.

Typically, people switch out the color of their lights in the weeks leading up to Veterans Day.

Clearly, some people will change their lights to green in March in celebration of Saint Patrick's Day.  But, if you see a green light in the fall, it probably has to do with saluting our veterans.

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