A Brunswick woman was attacked Friday by a fox as she was outside her house and on her deck smoking.

Kimberly Bashant was not injured after the fox bit her on the leg. 

She hit the animal with a baseball bat and knocked it unconscious. Bashant’s neighbors heard the yelling and killed the fox, said officials.

She said she now has a bat near her when she’s outside in case of another attack.

Last summer, August, 2020, a pair of foxes attacked a 79-year-old man in Woolwich. 

James Collins was knocked down by one fox while he was  trimming his yard. The fox fled after Collins struck the animal. He hit another fox with his cane.

He had bites on his arms and legs and was treated for rabies.

In 2019, community leaders said 18 residents and pets were attacked by rabid foxes. 

Another fox attack in May 2020 occurred in Lisbon as a 76-year-old woman and her husband had to kill a rabid fox on their porch after it bit her legs and hand.

Her husband heard her yelling and got control of the fox which tested positive for rabies.

Officials did not identify her. She went to the hospital for medical treatment and was released.

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