Comfort Dog Coming to Maine’s Emergency Communications Centers

Maine’s three Emergency Communications Centers are welcoming their first comfort dog to the team. The 5 month old chocolate lab is named Baxter and will spend time with the many first responders.

Baxter Will Support the First Responders

The Maine Bureau of Emergency Communications Director, Brodie Hinckley said “We are excited to bring Baxter, the first Comfort Dog, to Maine and, I believe, New England. Baxter will be part of our Dispatch Family and provide daily support for our first, first responders, the Emergency Telecommunicators.”

Baxter will join the crew in April after continuing his training and turning one year old. He will visit the Augusta Regional Communications Center on Tuesday, September 20 to meet his future coworkers.

Partnerships Between the Bureau of Emergency Communications and Hero Pups

Baxter comes to Maine from a partnership between the Bureau of Emergency Communications and a partnership with Hero Pups - a non-profit organization in New Hampshire who train and pair dogs with first responders.

Laura Barker, Founder of Hero Pups said, “We are thrilled to be working with the Maine Bureau of Emergency Communications and happy Brodie Hinckley found another way to help his community and staff.”

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AT&T Committed to First Responders Wellness

AT&T is also a big part of Baxter becoming a comfort dog at The Bureau of Emergency Communications in Maine. The company is focusing on supporting the health of first responders. Owen Smith, President, AT&T Maine said, “With just a wag of his tail, this incredible pup will help decrease stress, boost morale, improve coping and so much more.”

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