Work on Caribou ATV Trail

Work will soon get underway to expand parts of the ATV trail on the south side of Caribou. The upgrades will make the area of the trail accessible to local businesses all year round.

Southside Trail Connects Local Businesses

Gary Marquis, Superintendent of Caribou Parks and Recreation, is directing the improvements. He said “I’m calling it the southside trail extension. It’s going to connect from Russell’s Motel to the Caribou Inn and Convention Center, Northern Maine Brewing Co and Mike’s Quick Stop. Prior to this, we only had wintertime trail access. No summer access. This summer, the same trail we use in the wintertime will be upgraded and turned into an ATV trail. It will be a multi-use, year around trail system.”

Gary Marquis
Gary Marquis

Big Bonus to the Area

Marquis said the potential for the trail is massive. “It’s a huge marketing piece for Caribou. We can say, 98% of our businesses have trail access and accessibility year around. The businesses there have never had ATV access in the summertime. For the Caribou Inn and Convention Center, this is going to be absolutely humongous. They’ll have gas right there, a great restaurant in the hotel and another great restaurant with Northern Maine Brewing Co.”

The Goal is August or September

The southside trail is good to travel during the snowmobile season. The biggest issue is the wet area in the ATV season. The work is planned for this summer with the goal to have it ready by the middle of August to early September. Marquis said, “We’ve got to go in and dry it out. Put culverts where we need to put culverts. Get it so it’s rideable and you’re not always getting stuck on a four-wheeler.” 

Funding and Grants

Funding for the project came from two grants - one from the Yamaha Outdoors Initiative for $10,000 and another grant from Polaris for $10,000. Marquis said the money should handle the whole project.

Maintaining the Trails

Caribou Parks and Recreation maintains approximately 85 miles of ATV trails. “We go as far north as Blackstone Siding, into Stockholm towards New Sweden, towards Washburn,” said Marquis.

More Info

For more information about the Caribou Parks and Recreation, go to their Facebook page and homepage.

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