Congratulations go out to the East Millinocket Police and Officer Garrett Carlson who is going full time with the Department.

Officer Carlson started part time in March of this year. It’s always great to see more law enforcement joining the ranks to protect and serve the communities in the area.

Working in the fire service for 10 years, Officer Carlson has dedicated himself to public safety. He is a 2018 graduate from Beal College where he studied and earned a degree in  Criminal Justice Conservation Law Enforcement.

The information was shared on the East Millinocket Police Department’s Facebook. They said Officer Carlson “enjoys spending time with his family, friends, and of course, his beloved Golden Retriever, Zoey.” The post also said he will be a welcome addition to the force as he serves the Katahdin, Maine region of the state.

In August, 2021, he moved up to full time. The next step over the next few months is to attend the Maine Criminal Justice Academy, said EMPD.

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Read the Facebook comments as many people congratulate Officer Carlson. One comment in particular stands out where they say “Anyone who loves their dog enough to be sure it’s mentioned in a post like this…. That’s my kinda people.” Leave a comment and welcome him. 

Follow the East Millinocket Police Department as they post info on Facebook with regular updates. It’s important to see the info because they get the details of what’s going on out to the community. It connects everybody and creates a strong sense of trust.

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