Police in East Millinocket Warn of Scam

The East Millinocket Police Department has issued an advisory about a scam in the local area.

According to a post on their Facebook page, a business that claims to exist on Grindstone Road in Medway, Maine does not exist and is a scam. The fake company goes by the name Vambutas Farm Equipment.

Scam Posts False Information Online

The phone number the company gives is actually the line to the Medway Town Office. And the address listed on the website is the location of the Medway Fire Department.

Facebook Post

The phony business also has several pages online with contact info and reviews. Take a look at the embedded post from the East Millinocket Police Department.

Town Office Taking Residents Calls about Scam

Officials said the town office has been receiving multiple calls over the last several weeks about the business legitimacy.

Police Remind Residents to Lookout for Scams

Authorities thanked the staff at the town office for handling the incoming calls, saying they saved local residents thousands of dollars and "trips from out of state to buy heavy equipment from a dealer that does not exist!!"

The Facebook post went on to say, “As much as we’d love to see businesses move into our community, we would prefer legitimate businesses and not people looking to scam hard working people of money. Again, this business is not a legitimate business!!”

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More Information

The East Millinocket Police Department is located at 125 Main Street in East Millinocket, Maine.

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