Lincoln Woman Faces Drug Trafficking and other Charges

A 29-year-old Lincoln, Maine woman was arrested in Medway on September 4, 2022 for multiple charges including drug trafficking and violation of bail.

Traffic Stop due to Illegal License Plates

Karen Jordan was pulled over as she merged on I-95 in Medway around 1 a.m. on Sept 4. Sgt. Kennedy from the East Millinocket Police Department conducted the traffic stop after seeing the vehicle had illegally attached license plates.

Driver Admitted Meth Use and had Bail Conditions

While speaking to Jordan, Sgt. Kennedy saw drug paraphernalia on the center console of the vehicle. Police said Jordan admitted it was for meth use. Jordan also had bail conditions for pending criminal charges.

East Millinocket Police Find Drug Paraphernalia in Vehicle

Officer Gee and Officer Sallies from the East Millinocket Police assisted Kennedy on the scene. The vehicle was searched and more drug paraphernalia was found. Police “located other bags and containers which contained heroin / fentanyl and methamphetamine.”

Arrest and Charges

Jordan faces the following charges:

  • Unlawful Trafficking of Schedule W Drugs 
  • Unlawful Possession of Schedule W Drugs
  • Violation of Bail 
  • Attaching False Plates
  • Operating with an Expired Drivers License

Officials said the investigation is being reviewed for possible additional charges.

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News Updates

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