Rockin’ on Riverside Starts May 20

We’re all looking forward to Rockin’ on Riverside in Presque Isle this summer. The opening date is set for May 20.

Many of the things we love about the concert series are coming back like food trucks, vendors and some of the best local bands in the area. There are also some new things happening in 2022. Christy Daggett is the Chair of the Presque Isle Downtown Revitalization Committee. She’s been in that role since August 2021.

A Few Changes to the Schedule

One of the changes this year is the schedule of bands. There will be four shows this year, instead of six concerts. Daggett said this decision has a lot to do with attendance when it starts to cool down. “We have fewer dates this year. We noticed the attendance was dropping off when it got chilly in the Fall. We have really focused our efforts on the mid-summer so we have a lot of vendors and food.”

The bands and dates on the list include:

  • May 20 No Pressure
  • June 23 Too Far North
  • July 7 Barefoot Brotherhood
  • July 21 Wally and the Virginians

Expanding Food trucks and Vendors

A couple of things Rockin’ on Riverside organizers are looking to expand even more are the food trucks and vendors. “We have a whole list of old faithful food trucks.” Daggett said the beer vendor for the event is Northern Maine Brewing Company.

Stage and Location

The bands will set up by the Presque Isle Stream. The space is good for the audience to find a nice spot to watch the show and hang out with family and friends. Daggett said, “Families and concert goers really like to be down by the river so they can spread out their blankets and have that picnic feel.”

Sponsors Spread the Word

Getting the word out about Rockin’ on Riverside is a focus. Sponsors help share the info about the dates, bands and other features at the events. “We have some tried and true local sponsors who the committee is reaching out to right now. The sponsors help us get the word out,” said Daggett. “We want to make sure people know these events are going on so they don’t miss them.”

Additional Info & Questions

For more information or for questions on Rockin’ on Riverside, check out the Presque Isle Downtown Revitalization Committee Facebook page. Their homepage also has all kinds of activities happening in Star City.

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