Seven Carleton County residents are sharing their reasons to keep drunk drivers off the roads in a new video released by the New Brunswick RCMP.

The short video includes a student, a teacher, a nurse, a tow truck driver, as well as a witness to a fatal crash and parents of a young girl killed in a crash with an impaired driver. Each of the participants has a powerful reason why impaired drivers need to be kept off the road. Many have been first-hand witnesses to the tragic consequences of drinking and driving.

"We've heard some people in Carleton County joke about 'going on a bumble', meaning they're going out partying then driving, as if it's a common thing to do and that it's no big deal," says Cst. Emily Gallant. "Ask any of the families who have lost a loved one, or someone who killed someone by driving while impaired - it isn't a joke. It's devastating."

In the past four years, 22 people died in crashes on roadways policed by the RCMP in Carleton County. More than 35% of those deaths were as a result of impaired driving.

The video is being released on the same day as high school graduations in the area to remind students to make safe choices while celebrating.

Anyone who sees a suspected impaired driver is urged to call 9-1-1 immediately. Providing a description of the vehicle and driver, a licence plate number and direction of travel can assist RCMP members in locating the vehicle and getting the impaired driver off the road.

The RCMP in New Brunswick is asking the public to share the video, which can be seen on FacebookTwitter and YouTube, so as many people as possible get the message that drinking and driving is never okay.

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