We all like to hear stories about the amazing jobs the K9 service does in Maine and Aroostook County.

You read about how they save and rescue men, women and children who were in some sort of danger. You also hear about how they help fight crime and make our communities safer. 

We were happy to hear that Caribou Police Department’s K9 Ace is getting a new bullet and stab protective vest. Vested Interest in K9s, Inc made the donation to the department. The vest is sponsored through a fundraiser by Jessica Sutton of American Legion Riders Post #497. There will be an embroidery that reads “In memory of Dylan Michael Beck #43”. There's a picture of Ace above.

So many of our law enforcement put their trust in the great skills of their K9s. It's so important these dogs are safe and protected. Some of the kids and adults who were lost might not have been found without these teams.

Take a look below at some of the recent stories describing the incredible work the K9 teams do in Maine.

This story is just one example of the way K9 teams step up when a three-year-old goes missing. Maine Game Warden & K9 Locate Missing Three-Year-Old. The youngster was not too far away from home, but it was the team and K9 picking up the track quickly that saved the day.

Another headline from our homepage points out the high level of the K9 teams. This story happened as the kid was at recess at school. The article is titled - Maine State Police K9 Rescues Missing Kindergartener in Woods. Again, there’s nothing worse than when a child that goes missing, and the relief a family feels when they are found safe. 

Then you get this story: K9s Help Wardens With Two Maine Rescues. Not just one, but two rescues. In this article, more people became lost trying to find the other people. There is a lot to be learned from letting law enforcement do their job. It takes a team working together to get the job done.

There are also the posts about the long careers of many of the K9s. This story describes the life of a K9 that did it all. Retired Maine State Police K9 Remembered as a “Tireless Tracker’. K9 Champ is legend and served his team and community with honor.

Take time to remember the brave work law enforcement does every day. These are only a handful of stories about the way they save lives.

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