The Maine State Police said award-winning, retired K9, Champ, recently passed away.

Champ’s partner and owner, retired State Police Sgt. Jeremy Forbes, reached out to the department to let everyone know Champ had to be put to sleep.

Champ was a 10 year veteran of the Maine State Police. He was a rescue dog from the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland. He was donated to the force in 2010. Champ was believed to be part German Shepherd, Pit Bull, and Boxer.

Multiple Federal, County, and Municipal agencies used him for narcotics detection and to track and find suspects. A post on the Maine State Police Facebook said Champ was believed to be one of the oldest dogs working when he retired.

Sgt. Forbes and Champ received the James Griffith Memorial Canine Team of the Year award in 2017.

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Maine State Police said: “He was a tireless tracker and his work always reflected well on the Maine State Police. His loss will be felt deeply. Thank you for your service, Champ. Rest in Peace.”

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