The Caribou Fire & Ambulance Department posted a message to Facebook Thursday, July 8, 2021 as they made David Brissette an honorary member of the Caribou Volunteer Fire Department.

The Facebook post shared the long relationship the department has with Dave saying “Caribou Fire has always had a special place in Dave’s heart.”

The story starts in 1977 when the Brissette family moved near the fire station on Collins Street. Crews back then took toys to their house on Christmas and it made a big impression on Dave.

The article goes on to say, when he was young, Dave would stand across the street from the fire house and watch the firefighters and trucks. One day he was invited to come in and “the rest was history.”

Dave helped out for the next 25 years doing things around the fire station. He was given a shirt and helmet and would sit and eat “and attend functions at the department just like he was one of the crew.” Dave is seen in many of the photos over the years and was “was most definitely always a part of the CFD family and still is to this day.” said the tribute on Facebook.

The Brissette family recently raised $2,500 for the department in Dave’s honor. The money was part of a GoFundMe campaign setup to honor Dave. The Caribou Fire Department said the money will go towards important tools for the volunteers.

Dave got an honorary ride in Engine 1 and the Caribou Fire Department said, “from the bottom of our hearts we can not thank Dave and his family enough for the donations to this department. Dave will always hold a special place in our hearts.”

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CFD said they originally wanted to make the announcement and presentation in 2020 but had to wait due to the pandemic.

You can read the Facebook post below and see the photos:

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