The job of a firefighter and other first responders is a 24/7 365 days a year job. We can't predict when we will need these heroes. Many people don't realize that they make regular trips all over our state transporting patients. There was a crew from the Caribou Fire and Ambulance Department had to transport a patient down to Maine Medical Center in Portland.

The long drive...both ways

This was likely a routine trip for the crew who had to take a solid 5-hour drive south to Maine Medical Center. Once the patient is dropped off its time to head back north and the drive is not any quicker. When the crew from Caribou was at the hospital, they received assistance from the Westbrook Fire Department. We are not sure of the specific nature in which the fire department from Westbrook assisted the Caribou crew. It turns out that the Westbrook Fire Department was not done with helping the team from the north. 

That'll make you smile

When the Caribou team loaded in to head back to Aroostook County they were met with a nice surprise inside the ambulance. A note was left with some cash from the crew at the Westbrook Fire Department. The note read "Coffee on Westbrook FD. Drive safe." We love to see this type of comradery and respect among people who know what the grind of the job is all about. Seeing people continuing to look out for others in the State of Maine is incredible.

Your turn

There is nothing easy about making the 5 hour drive each way from Caribou to Portland. I've done a similar drive several times in my life. I'm sure the crew from Caribou was more energized form the gesture than the coffee itself. Now that you're done reading this post are I ask you to either go do a good gesture for someone or to keep scrolling. Either choice will make me happy! 

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