Brush Fire Caused by Broken High Voltage Wire

On Wednesday evening around 5:05 p.m., multiple local fire departments battled a brush fire started by a broken high voltage wire near 1060 Presque Isle Road in Caribou, Maine.

“Flames Shooting Above the Treeline”

Officials said the fire was about a half mile from the road, under high tension wires. The fire spread quickly to the woods due to the live wire, wind and dry conditions in the area. The Caribou Fire & Ambulance Department said they received calls about the “flames shooting above the treeline.”

Difficult Area to Access

The location of the fire was difficult to access. Firefighters and crews accessed the area on foot and on all-terrain vehicles, using dirt and farm roads. Caribou paid staff and other agencies were requested to help with the suppression and containment of the fire.

Caribou Fire & Ambulance Department
Caribou Fire & Ambulance Department

“4th Outdoor Related Fire in 48 hours”

The fire was under control at 10:30 p.m. A high tension pole was lost and 3.5 acres were burned. The Caribou Fire & Ambulance said “this is our 4th outdoor related fire in 48 hours.”

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Assisting Agencies and Departments

Fire departments and agencies involved in the effort include Fort Fairfield Fire Rescue, Presque Isle Fire Department, Limestone Vol. Fire Department, Washburn Fire & Rescue, Maine Forest Rangers.

Caribou Fire & Ambulance Department
Caribou Fire & Ambulance Department

Local Community Support

The Caribou Fire & Ambulance Department thanked “volunteer Firefighter Tim O’Bar for donating his personal ATV to help shuttle manpower and equipment to multiple points on the scene.” They also thanked Bechard's Grille and Frederick's Southside Restaurant for staying after hours to make food and provide drinks for the crews.

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