The City of Presque Isle is now operating its own ambulance service. This means that for ANY emergency in the City – police, fire or ambulance/EMS, residents need to dial 911. 

Angela Waye/Thinkstock
Angela Waye/Thinkstock

By dialing 911, residents get highly trained dispatchers who are trained in Emergency Medical Dispatching. This means they can assist you with helping to provide care before the ambulance arrives, which has been proven to provide better outcomes for those needing ambulance transport.

The fire department is licensed at the advanced leveled permitted to paramedic, not at the basic level. So your ambulance care will be of the highest quality.

It is important to know that this new service being provided by the City belongs to the citizens of Presque Isle. Any revenues generated from the EMS service therefore helps offset the cost to taxpayers for providing fire and EMS services.

The mission of the Presque Isle Fire Department is to provide to the citizens of Presque Isle a highly trained and equipped staff of professional responders. Presque Isle Fire Department is completely dedicated to providing life and property protection though fire suppression, emergency medical services, fire prevention, education and inspections. We will continually be committed to being a leader in the fire/ems service.

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