A 68-year-old man died Friday morning when his car went into Moose Pond Brook, West Paris, Maine.

The Oxford County Sheriff’s Department said David Roberts was pulled from the water and pronounced dead at the scene.

Deputies said divers looked for any other victims that may have been involved in the accident, saying they believe Roberts was alone in the crash.

The Sun Journal said three people jumped into the water and broke the car’s sunroof to search and rescue him. They pulled Roberts to shore as five people tried to save him.

Roberts was taken to a nearby house and CPR was performed on him as others tried to warm him, said the Sun Journal. One of the witnesses said he appeared alive when he was taken to the house. Police said, first responders arrived shortly after and confirmed he had died.

Rescuers and several of the nearby homeowners were treated for hypothermia.

Route 26 was closed during the rescue & investigation.

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