Three men were arrested Thursday and police seized 100 pounds of processed and packaged cannabis and 2,607 marijuana plants after a warrant was executed at an illegal marijuana operation in Machias.

Ongoing Investigation into Illegal Cannabis operation

The raid at a residence and two exterior buildings at 414 East Kennebec Road was the result of a “lengthy investigation into an illegal commercial Cannabis growing operation,” said the Machias Police Department.

Three Men Charged with Drug Trafficking

The three men arrested are 52-year-old Ming Li, 60-year-old Dong Yang Li and 61-year-old Peng Yu Phang. All three are charged with drug trafficking and Illegal trafficking in Cannabis over 500 plants.

Multiple Local and Federal Agencies Investigated

Law enforcement involved in the case included the Machias Police Department, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, the FBI, Homeland Security, the Office of Cannabis Policy, the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency and the Washington County Sheriff's Department.

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