What State Swears the Most? NH, ME or MA?

We occasionally say a bad word or two here and there. Would it surprise you to know that in all of the 50 states, Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts don't even rank in the top 10? These include the major swear words - you know the ones. You can see them all at thrilllist.com.

Where Does Maine Rank?

So where is Maine in terms of using foul language? The Pine Tree State is #34 out of 50. Not too bad, but maybe we could clean up our language a little. What Number is New Hampshire?

Where does New Hampshire come in on the list? The Granite state actually does better than Maine. It comes in at #45 out of all 50 states. That’s pretty good. 

Where is Massachusetts on the List?

Now for Massachusetts. How far up the list are they? Well, they almost broke into the top 20, but are just below with a ranking of 21.

Fernando Dias Silva/Thinkstock
Fernando Dias Silva/Thinkstock

How Polite is NH, ME and MA?

With the bad words out of the way, where are the three states in terms of being polite? This is a good list for all three states with two in the top 10 and one state just outside the top 10.

  • Maine is one of the most polite places in the country. It’s #2 in the nation.
  • New Hampshire is just behind Maine at #7.
  • Massachusetts fairs OK on the list at #12.

Additional Details

For more information on how the list was compiled, go to thrilllist.com.

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