Gorgeous Views

The Mt. Katahdin Scenic Overlook on I-95 in Medway, Maine is a place you want to visit every time you travel through the area.

It’s always different and gorgeous, even on an overcast day. It’s even better when the skis are clear. We have a gallery below that highlights some of the features the park.

Take a Break

Not only is it a breathtaking view, but it’s a good place to take a break if you’ve been traveling a long time and need to stretch your legs. There are picnic tables to have a quick bite. It’s a place to relax and with a calm and quiet surrounding just off the busy interstate.

Memorial and Plaque

There are also some monuments with pictures and the history of the area. Take time to read some of the information in the gallery. It really puts things in perspective. A plaque is mounted on a huge boulder that pays tribute to A.J. ‘Allie’ Cole, the “Maine Highway Pioneer.”

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Take Photos

The view across Salmon Stream Lake is so picturesque. Have your phone charged up and take lots of photos. Katahdin Mountain is Maine’s highest peak at 5,268 feet. It towers over Baxter State Park and stretches on across the horizon.

Enjoy the gallery below. It was a little cloudy, but you can still get great views.

Mt. Katahdin Scenic Overlook is a Must-See Spot

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