WATERVILLE, Maine (AP) — A Maine man charged with killing his girlfriend says he shot her in self-defense after she allegedly pushed him down a staircase.

An affidavit released Friday indicates 28-year-old Nicholas Lovejoy wrapped the body of 29-year-old Melissa Sousa in a tarp and put her body in the basement of the Waterville building where they lived.

The affidavit indicates the victim was shot twice in the stomach. Lovejoy told police she pointed a gun at him first — but it didn't fire.

Sousa was last seen Tuesday putting her twin daughters onto a school bus. Lovejoy was arrested that evening on an unrelated charge. A body discovered Wednesday was later identified as hers.

Kennebec County Jail, Risto Viitanen/Thinkstock
Kennebec County Jail, Risto Viitanen/Thinkstock

Lovejoy was due in court Friday afternoon for an initial appearance; it was unknown if he had a lawyer.

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