This could have easily happened right here in the state of Maine. It just so happens that it was caught on camera in Alaska.

Moose Sheds Antlers and Doorbell Camera Records It

Moose lose their antlers. That is a fact, but you don't always see it happen or get to see their reaction at the exact moment.

Watch the Video

Watch the video from YouTube and see the moose’s surprised reaction when its antlers come loose and hit the ground. He kind of jumps up and gets out of there.

Family Sees a lot of Wildlife on Camera, But Nothing Like This

The Alaskan family that recorded the moose shedding its antlers said they see moose on the doorbell camera. Tyra Bogert and Chance said even though they see a lot of animals on the camera, they did not expect to see what they saw. The family went out and went antlers afterward. It's common for moose to shed their antlers in the winter, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

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We're Seeing More and More Unique Things on Doorbell Cameras

That this was caught on a ring doorbell camera is an interesting part of the story as we are seeing more things recorded on these types of devices. Everything from bears coming up on the porch to cats and dogs - not to mention all the footage of porch pirates stealing packages from homes.

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