The future of journalism in Aroostook County looks bright with some youth showing off their talents for WGAC-TV. Wintergreen Arts Center recently hosted a 2-week video production camp for children in the area. The project was funded by the Maine Community Foundation and area businesses. All of the children did a fantastic job, but there is one reporter that I think stands out above the rest. I think someone has been listening a lot closer to me than I realize!  

Behind the scenes of Wintergreen video production

The broadcast on WGAC-TV features local youth educating the public about the farming industry right here in Aroostook County. Attendees of video production camp spoke with other youths of family farms and businesses in the area. In this production you will hear from representatives from Porter Farms, Penobscot McCrum, Smiths Farm, and Country Farms Market in Easton. A special thank you goes out to those farms as well as Pineland Farms in Mars Hill who were a big part of this project. Great work done by Miss Shaye as well who had the challenge of keeping all of the kids on task throughout the entire project. 


Watch as the children all gather at Al's Diner in Mars Hill for a taste test of the local products. The work done by the staff at Wintergreen Arts Center is incredible. This project was well done and may have inspired some of the students to pursue a journalism or production career. I was able to tag along for one day of production and I was impressed by the behavior of the children, and their interest in getting their lines correct! Being able to watch my daughter partake in a project with children of my childhood friends was a moment I will not soon forget. This video is worth the 15 minutes of your time and you can always keep up to date with Wintergreen Art Center on their Facebook page.

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