Walker McGuire recently released their debut country single "Til Tomorrow," and their new music video brings the song to life.

The duo, made up of Jordan Walker and Johnny McGuire, lament about the end of a relationship as the video paints the picture of a former couple trying to go on with their lives without each other.

"It's good to be out again / Good to see all my friends / I had to get out of that house / 'Cause feeling sorry for myself wasn't working out so well . . . Well it took three months but better late than never / And to think I thought I would hurt forever," they sing.

Behind the Scenes at Walker McGuire's "Til Tomorrow" Video Shoot

Directed by Mason Dixie, the video was shot locally in Music City and follows a former couple out separately for a fun night with friends. The woman is shown with her girlfriends drinking wine while her ex is at a bar taking shots with friends and talking to another girl. While each fake a smile for their friends and pretend to be moving on by talking to a potentially new suitor, the video's end shows the exact opposite. Watch above to find out what happens at the close of the evening.

Walker McGuire met while performing separately at a writers round in Nashville days after they moved to town. While Walker is a Texas native with a love of classic country, McGuire comes from Kansas City and calls Tom Petty and John Prine influences. Together, their spot-on harmonies keep the listener intrigued and blend all these influences.

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