A new video released today shows Lewiston's Mayor-elect Mark Cayer hitting a woman in a crosswalk on Pine Street in Lewiston a month ago.

According to News Center Maine, who published the video released by the Lewiston Police Department on their YouTube page, Cayer collided with Julianne Dawson on October 24.

The video, which may be disturbing for some, shows Cayer's vehicle enter from the right and strike Dawson, sending her through the air and to the ground a few feet away, her phone with attached headphone landing several feet in front of her. Dawson was sent to the hospital to be treated and released the next day.

Cayer posted on his campaign's Facebook page the next day to let everyone know what happened, writing "Yesterday, I was in an accident on Pine St. While driving, there was a person on a scooter and a bicyclist to my right. Also nearby, and on my right, were fire trucks as I approached the intersection. With my focus on my right, I failed to see the pedestrian enter the crosswalk on my left. Immediately following, I stopped, offered assistance and called 911."

Cayer was ticketed for failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk.

Here's the video, again with the warning that this may be disturbing for some.

Cayer collides with Dawson in the lower right corner of the screen.


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