Two People Arrested for Holding a Man & Woman at Gunpoint

Police arrested two people Tuesday for allegedly holding a man and a woman at gunpoint in a bathroom on Court Street in Bangor, Maine.

Charges for Robbery and Kidnapping

Forty-one-year-old David Bennett from Bangor and 28-year-old Kaniah Sockabasin from Pleasant Point have been charged with robbery and kidnapping, according to the Bangor Daily News.

Couple Were Held at Gunpoint And Locked in Bathroom

Both Bennett and Sockabasin allegedly assaulted a man and woman Tuesday evening. Officials said they held the couple at gunpoint and locked them in a bathroom.  

Male Victim Gets Control of the Gun and Jumps Out Window

Det. Lt. Brent Beaulieu said “the male victim was able to get control of the gun and escape the house by jumping out a window.” When police arrived, the man turned the gun over to law enforcement, said Beaulieu.

Facing Up To 30 Years in Prison and Fine if Convicted

A court appearance is scheduled for Thursday in Bangor for Bennett and Sockabasin. They could face up to 30 years in prison if convicted of the robbery and kidnapping charges. Plus a $50,000 fine.

Kidnapping Charge

Kidnapping charges in Maine include when someone is not allowed to leave when they want to leave, according to BDN.

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News Updates

Information was not released about how the four individuals knew each other, and how police found Bennett and Sockabasin. This news story will be updated when more details are made available.

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