Police arrested a man and a woman for animal cruelty and seized 13 animals in Belfast on Saturday.

Two People Charged with Animal Cruelty

Twenty-four-year-old Robert DeBeck from Belfast and 24-year-old Krysta Sweetland from Belfast are each facing 13 counts of animal cruelty.

Some Animals in Critical Condition

Some of the animals rescued were in critical condition, said the Belfast Police Department. Officers seized a total of 13 cats and dogs.

Ongoing Investigation

The investigation started on October 13 after officials received complaints about the welfare of animals at 37 Achorn Road, according to WABI News.

Bail and Court Arraignment

The bail was set at $2,500 each for DeBeck and Sweetland. They will appear for an arraignment in Waldo County Court in Belfast on December 1.

Police Asking for Information

Contact the Belfast Police Department at (207) 338-2040 if you have any information related to the case.

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