Welcome to Maine in Aroostook County

It’s another episode of Welcome to Maine with Troy and Mark. If you’re not familiar with these Mainers, they’re comedians who go around the state and pretty much make fun of our way of life in the Pine Tree State. 

Troy and Mark Make Jokes About Everything

In this video, they travel to none other than Aroostook County. There are some camera shots you’ll recognize like the Irving in Houlton to Main Street in Mars Hill, Big Rock and along Route 1. Troy and Mark make fun of the cold in the County, the culture, the language and accents. Don’t take them too seriously, they are comedians telling jokes.

One-Liners from the Video

They have some funny lines like describing the County as made up of “potato farmers and people running from the F.B.I.” The two of them joke about accents, saying it is a mixture of “English, French and Allen’s Coffee Brandy.” They also say about northern Maine, “you’ll see more snowmobiles than you wll cars. Nothing like sending it on your way to work.” And they joke about how cold it is in the County: ”living in the County is like living in a walk-in freezer at Applebee’s.” They give a little bit of the history of Aroostook County, but quickly make fun of it too (in a joking way).

More Information

Welcome To Maine has a ton of videos on YouTube and a Facebook page with almost 12,000 followers. Troy and Mark are Maine comedians named James Theberge and Ian Stuart.

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