A Canadian Pacific Railways train derailed and caught fire Saturday morning in Sandwich Academy Grant Township in the Moosehead Lake region (between Jackman and Rockwood in Somerset County).

Officials: Hazardous Material Did Not Derail

The train was carrying hazardous material, but those rail cars did not derail and were removed Saturday night, according to WGME

Train was Carrying Electrical Wiring, Lumber and Hazardous Substances

The train consisted of three locomotives and six rail cars also carrying electrical wiring and lumber. Officials said the derailment involved the three locomotives and lumber cars which caused a small forest fire. The Maine Forest Service said the fire has burned out.

Cause of the Derailment

The cause of the derailment is believed to be due to “track washout” related to spring thaw.

Injured Taken to the Hospital

Three employees with the railroad had non-life threatening injuries and were transported to the hospital. They were treated and released.

Command Center

Several agencies were on site including the Canadian Pacific operations team, Maine Forest Service, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection. A command center was set up in Jackman.

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