The Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office arrested a 48-year-old Kennebunkport man early Sunday morning after a traffic stop in Van Buren for Aggravated Trafficking of Scheduled Drugs, Unlawful Possession of Scheduled Drugs, and Refusing to Submit to Arrest or Detention.  

Deputy Sheriff Nathan Chisholm conducted a motor vehicle stop on Maine Street in Van Buren around 12:15 a.m. Sunday, September 5. During the stop, Deputy Chisholm removed the driver, Luis Martinez, and the other occupants in the vehicle. Martinez tried to conceal contraband and there was a struggle, according to the Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office. Martinez was arrested and taken to the Aroostook County Jail in Houlton. A $25,000 cash bail was set or $100,000 surety.

The investigation led to a search warrant that was executed at a Presque Isle hotel early in the morning on Sunday. Deputies confiscated and seized 1.5 grams of cocaine and 15.72 ounces of meth, plus $27,745 in suspected drug money. The Sheriff’s Office said the street value is approximately worth $42,000.

Early Monday morning, September 6, officials said a person arrived at the Aroostook County Jail to post bail for Martinez. The individual had $25,060 in cash. A deputy confiscated the money as suspected drug money.

Multiple agencies assisted the Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office in the investigation including the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency, the Presque Isle Police Department, the Houlton Police department, U.S. Border Patrol, Maine State Police and K-9 Jazz from the Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office.

This story will be updated when information is made available.

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