The Van Buren Fire Department and several other local fire departments battled a structure fire early Tuesday morning. The fire at 341 Main Street was reported around 12:15 am..

Fully Engulfed Fire and “Flames Spreading”

When firefighters arrived on the scene, the house was “fully engulfed in flames and quickly spreading to the detached garage," said Chief Brian Caron.

Garage and Contents a Total Loss

The Van Buren Fire Department along with the Saint Leonard Fire Department and the Grand Isle Fire Department extinguished the fire. The garage and its contents were a complete loss, said Caron.

Van Buren Fire Department
Van Buren Fire Department

Fire Remains Under Investigation

The Maine State Fire Marshal’ Office is investigating the fire. Assisting departments and agencies include the Saint Leonard Fire Department, the Grand Isle Fire Department, Van Buren Water District and Van Buren Light & Power District.

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