Bit of a funny thing New Years is.  On one hand just another day while on the other a new beginning for obvious reasons. Now my co-worker will tell you it is a complete waste of time and a bit of a set up. However in my minds eye when your heart is ready to make a change you can do just about anything regardless of the day or time of year. So why not?  And good news if misery really does love company according to Google you've got a boat load. Let's take a look at what the rest of the world is planning.

According to the data pulled from Google, these are the most popular New Year's resolutions:

  • Get Healthy: 62,776,640 searches, a 13.77 percent increase over last year
  • Get Organized: 33,230,420 searches, dipping by 7.41 percent compared to last year
  • Live Life to the Fullest: 18,970,210, spiking by 13.04 percent from last year
  • Learn New Hobbies: 17,438,670 searches, up 4.72 percent from last year's total
  • Spend Less/Save More: 15,905,290 searches, up 17.47 percent
  • Travel: 5,964,130 searches, down by 0.82 percent
  • Read More: 4,746,560 searches, down 5.63 percent from last year

Not forgetting the 'best laid plan of mice and men' adage. Here is my 10 cents worth of advice for you if you want to succeed.  Pick one or two and make a list of smaller stages in the quest so you can note progress before you achieve your goal.

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