Awards for Brave Actions in Helping Police Officer

Caribou Police Chief Michael Gahagan presented awards to three people who helped CPD Officer Kegan McPherson on July 20 during an altercation after a traffic stop.

Mrs. Maureen “Cuppy” Johndro, Mr. Kip Griffin and Mr. Kirk Ward were recognized for their “brave actions” for coming to the aid of McPherson.

How It All Happened

The incident happened on Route 89 on July 20, 2022 when Officer McPherson pulled over a motorcyclist going 94 mph in a 50 mph zone.

Police said the male “suspect was also dumping evidence after he got off the motorcycle he was operating.” When McPherson went to arrest him, he resisted and was combative.

Officer McPherson was assaulted and used his taser and fought to regain control of the situation. McPherson’s radio got switched to a different channel during the struggle, and he could not communicate with dispatch. He got on top of the suspect to secure him.

Caribou Police
Caribou Police

Citizen’s Come to the Aid of Caribou Police Officer

The three people helped out at this point. This is how the Caribou Police characterized their actions:

Ms. Maureen “Cuppy” Johndro, Mr. Kirk Ward and Mr. Kip Griffin. Ms. Johndro assisted with traffic control, Mr. Ward assisted with holding the suspects feet and Mr. Griffin attempted to contact dispatch via the radio and handcuffed the suspect.

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Recognizing Courage

Chief Gahagan thanked them for their courage, saying they “may have saved a life.” The awards were given on behalf of the citizen’s pof Caribou and the Caribou Police Department.

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