The Young Fables know how important community is for up-and-coming artists: The Nashville music scene has encouraged and invigorated the rising duo, and TYF’s Laurel Wright and Wes Lunsford have made friends as they’ve inserted themselves into Music City’s musical community. To celebrate Nashville’s lesser-known talents and support their peers, the Young Fables have launched Covering Your Tracks, a video series that will showcase their own versions of other rising stars’ tunes.

“Some [of our Covering Your Tracks selections] have even worked their way into our live set,” Wright notes, “and we’re thrilled to expose our audiences to music we respect by sharing the work in our own way.”

The multi-part series is premiering exclusively on The Boot, and new installments will be posted every other week.

In their second Covering Your Tracks video, the Young Fables chose to perform "Heaven on Earth" from Nashville-based artist Sinclair. The duo "absolutely love" Sinclair's tune "Heaven on Earth" because they "relate to it so well."

"We've shared the experience of living in apartment complexes that left much to be desired, but it never really mattered because, above all else, we had each other," the Fables explain. "It is encouraging to recognize that no matter how challenging life may become, love can help you to define your home by who you share it with."

Sinclair, a New York native (and now a Nashville resident), released her critically acclaimed debut EP, Sweet Talk, in 2014, and her Colorblind EP in 2016; she recently signed with Razor & Tie Music Publishing. Additionally, the singer-songwriter and producer has spent time on tour with Max Frost and shared multiple bills with Island Records' artist Mike Posner. And while the Young Fables are huge fans of Sinclair's work, they're also impressed with her on a personal level.

"Despite her overwhelming talents, Sinclair is extremely humble and down to earth," they tell The Boot. "It is rare to discover that level of authenticity in such a prolific artist. She's a genuine friend and one of the best artists we’ve had the pleasure of meeting in Nashville."

The Boot readers can check back on Dec. 14 for another installment of the Young Fables’ Covering Your Track series.

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