The Limestone Community School went into a soft lockdown on Tuesday, January 3 around 10:30 am after an online threat.

Limestone Community School on Soft Lockdown on January 3, 2023

The Maine State Police contacted the school principal, Ben Lothrop about the threat. Parents were notified and all after-school activities for the day were canceled. The students were not allowed to walk home, according to the Bangor Daily News.

The Maine State Police were onsite and secured the facility. Law enforcement remained on location throughout the day. Classes continued while the doors were locked at the school and visitors were not allowed.

The details of the online threat were not released related to how it was discovered or if there was any particular target.

School Remains in Soft Lockdown on January 4, 2023

The school will remain on a soft  lockdown Wednesday, January 4, according to a message from the principal on their Facebook page.

Read the Full Post from the Limestone Community School Facebook Page

Lothrop thanked the Main State Police, the Limestone Police Department and the Border Patrol for their “quick and professional response.” He also thanked the students, staff and the community for making safety a priority.

More Information

The Limestone Community School is the home of the Eagles. The campus is located at 93 High Street in Limestone, Maine. For more information, visit the homepage of their website. You can also follow the LCS Eagles on their Facebook page.

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