Stress Levels are High

We are all feeling higher levels of stress in our daily lives. The pandemic has been extremely hard and inflation is making everything so much more expensive. We’re paying more at the gas station to fill up, food costs have skyrocketed and electricity is off the charts. We’ll really feel the impact when heating costs factor in this winter.

New Study says Aroostook County is the Highest in Maine

A recent study by said Aroostook County, Maine has the highest “stress inflation rate” in the state of Maine.

The data focuses on each of Maine’s counties over a five year period from 2017 to 2022.

The details of the report said people in Aroostook County has an 8% increase in stress inflation with a mental stress increase of 5% and a 3% increase in physical stress.


Multiple Reasons for Increased Stress

Several factors are pointed out for the higher level of stress. They include the pandemic effects as well as the high cost of inflation. Also mentioned for higher stress levels are working longer hours and home & personal demands.

Maine has the Highest Stress Level in the Country

Maine tops the list out of all states with a 6% increase in stress inflation rates. Cumberland County in southern Maine has the lowest stress inflation in the state with a 3% increase with mental stress at 2% and physical stress at 1%.

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State by State Stress Report

Check out Infographic for the complete list of the state’s with the highest stress levels.

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