The Aroostook County Sheriff's Office issued a warning Tuesday about a false Facebook page for their site. Here's what to do and not to do.

Aroostook County Sheriff's Office/Facebook
Aroostook County Sheriff's Office/Facebook

The check mark verifies the page (Right):

The concern is what a fake account can do to your page. The Sheriff's Office post says.:

"If you have followed the other page you may want to unfollow before any damage can be done to your account."

This is critical because the office releases serious and important information to the community.

The posts says already 360 plus people have liked the phony page.

"We are working on getting it removed."

The real, verified Aroostook County Sheriff's Office Facebook has over 11,000 followers and is the one you want.

We'll keep you updated when the "cloned" site is taken down.

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