With high temps out there, it's no surprise Mainers are thinking about beach days to cool off..

Time to grab our beach chairs, umbrellas and towels and bury our feet in the sand on our favorite Maine beaches.

But what exactly makes a beach our favorite? Is it the water, the sand, the cleanliness, the beauty, the things to do at the beach? It's something different for everyone.

So in a very unscientific method, I posed this question on my Facebook page: "What's your favorite Maine beach and why? It can be ocean, lake or any body of water." After more than 100 responses, I tallied up the votes and present to you the list of the 10 Maine beaches that you love the most. You're free to disagree of course, and if you do, share your favorite in the comments.

Some honorable mentions that didn't make the top 10 are Mount Blue State Park, Hunter's Beach, Ferry Beach and Keoka Beach.

Let's dive in, shall we?

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